The difference: WeBrick vs. brokers

WeBrick and the brokers - what's the difference?

Chart showing price differences between WeBrick and real estate agents

WeBrick has always been thought of as a alternative to real estate agents. The housing market has historically been conservative, and the brokers have been the only option in many people’s minds, when you discuss home trading. It is of course possible to sell your home yourself, like Bolius writes here (in Danish), but it is still perceived by many to be too hard. 

This is where WeBrick comes in. We wish to expand the market with alternatives and at the same time make it cheaper and more transparent to buy and sell homes. 

A digital home trading platform that is free for the seller

WeBrick is first and foremost a home trading platform for buyers and sellers, and a one stop shop with everything you need. This means that WeBrick enables you to:

  • Put your home up for sale for free without a broker
  • Gather necessary documents easily
  • Communicate with potential buyers
  • Set the right price for your home based on relevant data
  • Find guides
  • Find all homes in Denmark – including those for sale by the brokers and the ones, that are sold by private sellers
  • Apply for a mortgage and know if you’re approved within 24 hours
  • Buy marketing for your housing ad, professional photos, law assistance, insurance, construction expert help and everything else you could need for your housing trade

All this means that you first of all are able to avoid the broker fee, but also that you can avoid all the different hidden extra fees, that you easily can run into – especially when you’re selling your home.

Do it yourself

The real estate agents can and will help with many things, but when it comes to housing trades, you definitely can do it yourself – with or without some digital assistance.
WeBrick offers this assistance for free, but you are still able to buy extra services that will make it easier, faster and feel more safe to sell or buy a home – and our services are cheaper than most brokers as well. 
The keyphrase for us is freedom of choice, where the brokers often make use of binding contracts and hidden extra fees.

There also aren’t  many people who know, that it is completely legal to put your home up for sale multiple places. So if you already have your home up for sale through a broker, then you can still put it up for sale through WeBrick as well. But here you need to pay attention to the fact that the broker may still be able to demand a fee, even if you were the one, who got your home sold – depending on the contract that you have signed.

These types of binding contracts can of course be avoided completely with WeBrick. 

Home trading made transparent and safe

Of course we are aware that, when you are talking about something as important as selling your home, the easiest thing would be to do it the way, you have always done it. And why trust a new company like WeBrick instead of doing what has been working fine? The answer is, that we aren’t asking you to trust us, but to trust yourself. 

Who knows your home the best? You or a broker? Of course it is you. And when it comes to the housing market and housing trades, then WeBrick is able to support you with completely objective data and digital tools – without hidden interests. 

In this way you are able to safely and transparently buy and sell homes, without feeling cheated or having to pay a large fee to a real estate agent.

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